Saint James Church

Saint James Church  - 11th and 12th century

eglise Issy l evequeNef eglise  Issy l'evêqueThis extremely beautiful church is classified as a National historic monument. It shows a perfect compromise between the Brionnais and Cluny Romanesque traditions of architecture with its vaulted, ridged roof and fluted pilasters.

     The nave has six aisted bays, with chapels. Its apse is covered by a vault shaped quarter sphere, a « cul de four ». The church has a square belltower with buttresses.

     It is dedicated to Saint James the Greater.

     It gives an impression of harmony, simplicity and austere grandeur, without bareness, thanks to its architectural lines.

     The church greeted the pilgrims from Vézelay who would then go to Le Puy. The church at Issy has its own personality, full of elegance.
statut St Jacques eglise Issy l'eveque 71



Saint James. Wood, polychrome,
patron saint of the Parish of Issy







statuette vierge a l enfant eglise Issy l'eveque



Statue of Madonna and Child.Wood ( 17th century) , included in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments.